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there are no guidebooks

If there will be a future human civilization, then psychedelics will be incorporated into it in some mixture (whether cooperative or combative) of mental healthcare modalities, adjuncts to wellness lifestyle practices, cognition- and performance-enhancers, elements of ancient and new/fusion spiritual practices, neurological diagnostic tools, communal resources, and other manifestations, many or most of which cannot be known now.


However, psychedelics are a hybrid phenomenon for which modern materialist society has not been ready to date.  They affect human cognition and identity in ways that erase familiar distinctions. As a result, psychedelic market legalization is a paradigm shift beyond the comprehension of existing policy models. Providing immediate safe and equitable access to psychedelic experiences is a societal imperative, but proceeding without due caution will be a mistake. For practical purposes, and with apologies for oversimplification, psychedelics can be considered a new technology in the context of contemporary society. One should always expect unintended consequences from a new technology.


The process of assessing the risks and benefits of psychedelics has only just begun after decades of disinformation and suppression. Notwithstanding the dire need to facilitate safe and equitable emergency access to psychedelics, visions of how best to structure legal psychedelic markets and how they will function are vague at best. There are no guidebooks for a reality in which psychedelic markets are legal, but we must go there and write the guidebooks for future generations along the way.


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  • Intuitive understanding of the psychedelic sector in terms of political and market relationships
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Legal Market Strategies

Legal psychedelic markets will interact with other legal markets for goods and services, disrupting some and creating or strengthening others. Planning and care in execution will be required as the psychedelic paradigm interacts with world religions, diverse cultures, and a range of political systems. Responsible policymakers and regulators need to project the economic and political consequences of a legal psychedelic economy. Operators in the psychedelic economy need to anticipate ethical challenges, standards for responsible conduct in the market, and the intersection of psychedelics with existing and future societal conflicts.
I am a guide to the psychedelic sector.



Noah Potter Psychedelic Legal Market Strategies

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